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  1. First The Dansant

    Ketaloco and Feestgedruis joined forces in 2010 to launch a new concept in the Belgian club scene: Thé Dansant. As electronic music was mainly enjoyed on late hours in dark nightclubs in those years, we decided to bring about a positive change by giving the Belgian audience a Berlin-esque concept: Sunday afternoon costume parties with underground electronic music, something pretty much non-existing in the scene up until then.

    The first Thé Dansant was on April 24th 2010 at the Waterfront in Ghent and turned out to be a great success. There appeared to be a clear need for an original concept like this, and naturally, we decided to keep throwing exclusive parties on amazing locations. After 67 events spread out over 12 years, the audience keeps growing and we're still going strong

  2. Hotel Bijford

    May 2011. One year after the start, we organised the First Thé Dansant at Hotel Bijford. All the editions there became iconic and deeply loved by our fans thanks to the warm & cosy energy the location radiated. The owner of the now closed hotel woke up 30 minutes before the start of the event to open the bar: crazy memories!

  3. Costume change

    Believe it or not, but in the early days of Thé Dansant, we had the same theme every party: Old fashion, retro clothes. The term Thé Dansant has been used to refer to daytime tea parties already from the 19th century onwards. We decided to keep the daytime aspect and the tea, add some beers and cocktails to the mix and proposed to dress up in retro and vintage clothing. Imagine how your grandparents, or even great-grandparents, would have gone to a tea party with music back in the days. Now, after done that theme a few times with a lot of fun, we decided to spice things up a bit and launch a specific theme for every party!

  4. Winter edition «Religion»

    Our fans had been asking us for a long while why we didn't organise any parties during wintertime. As we didn't have a proper answer for that, we decided to have our first winter edition Thé Dansant in 2014! The location – an abbey consisting of 9 fathers – was stunning and intriguing. The theme for that Party - 'Religion'- surely created an out of this world vibe. In the beginning of the party, the abbey was still accepting outside visitors. Can you imagine the looks on the visitor their faces when they were walking around the Abbey, appreciating the well-kept architecture and atmosphere of the place upon seeing a whole bunch of party people dressed up like popes, nuns and other religious figures? Priceless. Definitely a day to remember!

  5. Abbey of Villers-La-Ville

    In 2015 we found an extraordinary location hidden away in Wallonia. Most Belgians don’t even know of the existence of such a beautiful and historic place with majestic ruins. The Villers Abbey, which dates back to the 12th century, was mostly used for guided walks, classical concerts and theatre. That was about to change in 2015. In May of that year, the first ever techno party at the Villers site became a fact! Even for us, it was the largest and most spectacular party we had organized up until then. The people of the Abbey were initially a bit hesitant with having a big electronic concept like us. Luckily, they were happy with our professional and environmental approach and afterwards asked us if we wanted to organize events there on a yearly basis! We’ve organised 5 events there since then (think of themes such as Greeks & Romans, Vikings, Medieval, Fairy Tales and Game of Thrones) and are proud to say that up until today, we are still the only electronic music party that hosts spectacular events at Villers Abbey!

  6. Mad Max

    The Mad Max edition of Thé Dansant in summer 2017 in so many ways became like a real scene from the movie. The weather gods were with us, very hot, the location looked like a real desert and the people seemed to love the theme as they were epically dressed to kill! One girl, for instance, arrived with two women on a leash. Our photographer just couldn't get enough, and the photos went viral afterwards! We also had to install water sprinklers to get everybody through one of the hottest days we've ever had, and halfway through the party they were already empty. We had to get a truck on top of the sand quarry to fill up another 1000 litre water tank. The joy, the ecstasy, the excitement when the water sprinklers turned back on: indescribable!

  7. Covid-safe editions

    We are proud to say that we were one of the only event organisers in Belgium who threw Covid-safe parties in 2020 and 2021! Depending on the theme, we came up with original solutions to create bubbles. For instance, Thé Dansant Prison Break in 2020! People were able to dance in their gated bubbles, and the theme made sure the restrictions weren’t too obvious. Creativity during Covid-19 is key!

our experience

15 Years of dancing

Thé Dansant brought electronic music in Belgium into daylight in 2010. The party starts at midday on a Sunday and finishes at 10pm. There’s nothing like closing off your weekend with great electronic music on a Sunday evening and still be able to be in bed in time!

Initially, to reflect the original nature of a ‘Thé Dansant’, visitors were invited to wear the retro clothes of their grandparents and were even offered real coffee, tea and cake.

After several events, the concept changed into hosting a different theme & dress code on every party. A theme that blends well together with the location of the day for optimal effect & pleasure. Thé Dansant keeps surprising their guests with exclusive locations such as castles, monasteries & abbeys, you know you’ll have an amazing experience from start to finish!

Party busses are organised each event from different cities all over Belgium and even France to ensure a safe trip for their guests. Up to 30% of party people come by bus!

Thé Dansant deeply supports local artists with line-ups focussing mainly on Belgian artists. We believe that there is plenty of talent in Belgium to move the crowd!

We also feel that giving back to the community is vitally important, that’s why we support a charity project every year.


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    The original Sunday afternoon parties in Belgium with quality electronic music on exclusive locations and an ever changing theme & dresscode
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